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Excellent advise has been offered. The agent has been very prompt in calling back and replying all my questions promptly.

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Received a call very shortly after my online enquiry. My contact was extremely helpful and helped me purchase exactly the right policy. I would have no hesitation in recommending there services.

William Cochrane
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Prompt and friendly service. Easy to use, great quotation and prompt response. Friendly advisor, would highly recommend, thanks!

Noel Anderson
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Brilliant! John garcia very helpful found me the best deal and then even rang me a week later and told me he had found an even cheaper deal which suited me always returned my calls and answered all my questions.

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Life With Critical Illness Cover - Money Saving Tips

  1. Why You Should Put The Policy in Trust

    Placing the policy in trust will ensure that the benefits are paid without delay to your intended beneficiaries. It can also ensure that should a death claim be made the benefits are not within your estate potentially saving 40% tax. If the policy provides life and critical illness cover the policy can still be written in trust so that in the event of a critical illness claim you get the payout but if you die your nominated beneficiaries do.

    You can place the policy in trust after you have made your application for insurance indicating on the application form if you want to start the policy once the trust form has been completed or let the cover be activated first with the trust form to follow at a later date. Trust forms are provided free of charge by the product provider we can provide assistance and guidance to help you complete the forms so there's no excuse.

  2. Add Life Cover to Critical Illness Cover For Next to Nothing!

    If you require stand alone Critical Illness Cover consider adding life cover to provide combined accelerated life and critical illness cover as its often cheaper or the same price as stand alone critical illness cover.

  3. Get Double The Cover For a Few Pounds More

    Consider having two single policies rather than a joint life insurance or critical illness policy as this will provide double the payout. A joint life policy once a claim has been made the cover comes to an end as it can often only pay out once (unless you have a policy that allows multiple claims). Also some providers charge a plan fee that will be removed on additional plans you or your spouse have reducing the cost further.
    Male and female both age 35 non smokers wanting £100,000 of life & critical illness cover over 25 years.

    Joint life cover V. Two single plans
    Joint cover
    Single Cover 1
    Single Cover 2
    Amount payable on death or earlier critical illness
    Cost with FriendsLife
    Total cost
    Maximum claimable benefit

    For an extra cost of £2 cover would now have increased by 100% with a potential claim of £200,000 rather than £100,000 plus the amount of children's critical illness cover would also be doubled.

    *FriendsLife remove the plan fee on additional protection policies you have. We have used FriendsLife in this example but other insurers may also offer discounts.

  4. Need Cover For 10 Years or Less - Get it Cheaper

    If you need term life assurance or critical illness cover for 10 years or less consider a Whole of Life plan as it can often be cheaper than Level Term Assurance when whole of life is arranged on a maximum cover minimum premium basis. Cover and premiums on a whole of life are typically guaranteed until the first review, which is often ten years from the policy start. However you need to check the illustration and key facts document when comparing cover as mature applicants may have their first review earlier than 10 years if older than 65.

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  5. Get More Life Cover For Your Family For Less

    If you are looking to provide your dependants with financial support should the unthinkable happen consider level term or increasing term life cover but compare the benefit payable with a Family Income Benefit plan.

    A Family Income Benefit policy provides an annual income should you die rather than a lump sum (although some providers may offer you the lump sum accumulative value in the event of a claim).

  6. Need Life Cover For Your Whole Life?

    If need cover for your whole of your life but cannot afford the cost of Whole of Life cover you could consider Convertible Term Assurance. Convertible Term Assurance provides just cover during the term and with the option to change the policy for a Whole of Life plan that can continue to provide cover throughout your life (without any further evidence of health). The maximum age convertible term assurance policy can be written to is 65. Two main points, the cost of the whole of life on conversion will be based on your age at the time, and you have to apply to convert before the expiry of the convertible term policy.

  7. Reduce Cost By Combining Cover

    Having multiple polices can cost you more when compared to a single policy. Some providers offer flexibility to combine multiple term assurance policies, with income protection, unemployment cover some with critical illness some without with different cover amounts and with cover finishing at different times.

    This can not only reduce the cost but also increase the cover as for instance if you had a multiple policy offering critical illness and permanent health insurance (income protection) should you claim for critical illness the provider may also pay an additional amount linked to the income cover at no extra cost.

    At this time the only way to compare providers multiple quotes is to get a broker consider all quote variations to combine the lowest cost with the highest cover with each provider as no website can do this for you.

    Contact us we will be happy to help you get the best deal.

  8. Use Us & Get Cash-back

    Get a quote and use us for your life insurance or critical illness cover and we will give you cash-back.

  9. Had a Lower Quote? We Will Beat It!

    We are so confident that we offer the best value for money on life insurance and combined life with critical illness cover that we will beat any quote. Complete our form and confirm the details and we will respond within 12 hours.

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