Jobseekers Changes Impact Unemployment Insurance Claims

Compare Job Loss Insurance The department of work and pensions have in April 2011 stopped issuing the monthly form ABI1 in order make savings and reduce administration.

This will create problems for claimants and insurers as most if not all unemployment and redundancy insurance contracts refer to jobseekers allowance or national insurance credits or income support and require the completion of the ABI1 forms each month as this is evidence of your efforts to find a replacement job.

So to buy this type of insurance you currently need to read the insurance policy terms and then the terms for jobseekers which is not contained within any sort of summary or clear language as the Jobseekers, DWP  websites are unclear and incomplete referring to more and more pages and does not answer the typical questions most of us would have.

Clearly having cover linked to anything to do with  jobseekers benefits or the completion of letters or forms from the department of work and pensions is not a good idea.

Some insurers are now re-evaluating how they review claims on such policies on an on-going basis.

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