Which Unemployment Insurance

Buying cover to protect your earnings from unemployment online you have plenty to choose from. But where do you start? Firstly not all policies are equal they may all cover you for involuntary redundancy but you have a list of other events that may trigger a claim or additional benefits.

Some policies may also pay a claim if:

  • You are dismissed
  • Pay a claim in full or in part for involuntary reduced hours

Other additional benefit that maybe included are:

  • Legal cover – For employer and any other legal disputes
  • Back to work support services – Helping you getting back to work
  • Career cover – If you have to give up work and look after a family member who is ill

Other considerations:

  • How often are premiums reviewed? is there are option to fix the premium?
  • How good is the insurance company at paying claims? What is their claim success rate?
  • How do they assess applications? If they accept anyone premiums are likely to rise your job maybe safe how but if this changes you maybe unable to switch to another policy.

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