Insurance Websites Need to be Fair

The ever more frequent searches on the web for insurance is difficult at best. But the healthy competition has placed a cloud as some websites employ misleading tactics in a strategy to win over your business.

Web pages offering Mortgage Payment Protection (MPPI) is a prime example, as well as misleading claims on the product pages stating they compare 100’s of MPPI products when clearly they don’t as there not that many to compare in the whole market place.

Other strategies employed include awards with no credibility or value, and with some awarded with the so called  independent expert judges being the award recipient and on the judging panel.

If you plan on making a buying decision based on a websites awards take another 10 minutes to Google it and check the validity of the award and the criteria it was awarded for. As it maybe just a fake or irrelevant to your purchase or awarded by a panel who maybe respectable but what is there background of expertise?

Many of these insurance websites with pointless awards tend not to include Defaqto Star ratings, which is industry recognised as providing information used for comparing all types of financial products. Their tools are also used by independent financial advisers to compare similar products and provide advice.

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Instant Pioneer Income Protection Quotes

QuoteMe4 are pleased to announce that we have completed our instant comparison quotes for Professional Income Protection, Pure Income Protection and Bills and Things offered by Pioneer Friendly Society.

This will provide users the facility to get instant quotes and consider the policy terms complete a data capture application for their award winning cover online without interaction 24/7.

All three policies offer OWN OCCUPATION cover throughout the policy and during a claim for all occupations. For more information and a quote visit go to or call 0800 022 6571

Switching Provider – Unemployment Cover

If having had your fill of price increases on your unemployment redundancy cover you may be considering switching provider.

The main obstacle being that all policies have an initial exclusion where your policy is not active until after this date. The last thing you need is to switch to another provider and have a gap in protection where you would be unable to claim from either policy should you be unlucky and get the boot.

Choosing a provider with a short initial exclusion will reduce the time you need to run two policies at the same time with overlapping cover until the new policy is past the initial exclusion period. This means for a short time you will be paying for two policies, which kind of defeats the exercise which was to reduce your monthly cost.

To reduce the time you are paying for both plans consider this. Most policies are paid monthly by direct debit instead of calling the provider you are  binning you simply cancel the direct debit. This will give you a period of time when you have cover but not paying for it as all providers allow for the fact we maybe switching bank etc…  so cover will typically continue for another 30 days after missing the last payment. Which is better than you calling the company to tell to stop your policy as this will be immediate.

As a result a new provider offering a 90 day initial exclusion will mean that your unemployment cover needs to be overlapped for 90 days but you need only make two payments on your old policy and not three making the switch less painful to your pocket.

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